according to a plan

CUSTOMCELLS® Tübingen – maximum traceability in the production process

At CUSTOMCELLS® Tübingen, we are committed to transparency. The production process for our products is completely traceable in order to keep track of everything at all times. We create a record of all the materials used in the battery cell production process as well as of all relevant production parameters and measurements. This allows us to draw inferences in relation to the quality at any time. 

The manufacturing execution system

Our manufacturing execution system (MES) provides information about manufacturing stages, faults or down times of machines in real time, irrespective of the location or time of day. All detailed information about the manufactured component can therefore be traced by us at all times, enabling us to guarantee our customers the highest quality. 

At CUSTOMCELLS® Tübingen, the MES records the material management with the material input and output, analyses the performance by measuring specific performance data and links all data that is generated in the process. We automatically identify faulty parts, among other things, with full in-line monitoring. Visual inspections and high-potential tests are used here and the thickness deviation, cell weight and stacking accuracy are all monitored. 

If we detect any deviations on the basis of our data, the batches can be quickly identified and removed without having to halt the entire production chain.