Highest quality

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CUSTOMCELLS® Tübingen – outstanding performance of the highest quality

Cells of the highest quality that meet any standard – that is the aim at CUSTOMCELLS® Tübingen. We are committed to products ‘made in Germany’ with our developments and our production processes. Even in the development stage of new cell formats, quality-related aspects have a direct impact on our production methods. Quality is an integral part of all processes at CUSTOMCELLS® Tübingen. When it comes to quality, we are constantly thinking one step ahead. 

The highest production tolerances are made possible by advanced technologies with laser processes. The technologies – which are partly developed by our process engineering team – can guarantee virtually burr-free cutting and careful handling of the materials.

The right choice of materials

The best materials, the most reliable suppliers – producing a high-quality cell starts right at the very beginning. The choice of material and supplier is an important step for being able to guarantee the quality of the entire product. 

We always take responsibility for the materials used in the battery cell production process and are committed to ensuring that they are of the right quality. By taking regular samples prior to use, we constantly make sure that the materials meet our high standards.

Testing processes firmly rooted within the company

CUSTOMCELLS® Tübingen monitors every stage of production. We use both in-line and offline testing methods as an integral part of our quality gates. End-of-line testing enables us to check the open-circuit voltage, internal resistance, self-discharge rate and capacity of the cells, among other things.

We systematically check incoming goods, inspecting them to make sure that all raw materials meet the specifications. To this end, we use a wide range of common measuring instruments that are constantly monitored and subjected to a measuring equipment analysis before being used for the first time. During the production process, we continuously check compliance with all key characteristics, monitoring the precision of the laser cut, for example, or the water content after the electrodes have been dried.

We subject all of the data from the testing processes to statistical evaluation. In conjunction with close collaboration within the company, this allows to guarantee and even improve the quality. We are driven by a continuous improvement process.