Specialised manufacturer

Series production for application-specific fields


We operate one of Europe’s most modern cell production lines at our CUSTOMCELLS® site in Tübingen. In March 2021, following a two-year construction and start-up phase, CUSTOMCELLS® was able to begin series production of high-quality lithium-ion batteries in small to medium-sized batches.

‘At CUSTOMCELLS® Tübingen, we supply battery cells made in Germany, with a series production operation that elevates the aspects of quality, safety and manufacturing transparency of lithium-ion batteries to a new level, making it one of the most modern production facilities in Europe.’

Leopold König, CEO of CUSTOMCELLS®

Lithium-ion batteries are regarded as a key technology for numerous industrial sectors. Applications in niche markets are especially reliant on rapid development and modification cycles. That is why CUSTOMCELLS® Tübingen also offers the option of developing and producing cells in small batches in accordance with certain specifications and performance parameters. Equall benefiting from this high degree of flexibility combined with outstanding quality. Our customers rely on an alternative to the large-scale production operations of the major Asian cell manufacturers, especially in the preliminary development and prototype stages of their products.

Long-standing expertise for security of supply

CUSTOMCELLS® Tübingen is playing an important role in the establishment of a German and European battery cell industry. With its focus on the production of small and medium-sized batches, the battery manufacturing operation of CUSTOMCELLS® Tübingen ideally complements the emerging large-scale series production of lithium-ion batteries in Germany and Europe, thereby helping to close the existing gap in the cell market which is particularly affecting small and medium-sized enterprises. 

CUSTOMCELLS® Tübingen offers

  • Series production of lithium-ion pouch cells based on lamination technology in line with your individual requirements or application
  • Cells in individual formats and shapes (3D cells), flexible electrode loading levels, different tab constellations and customised cell chemistry
  • Optimised gravimetric and volumetric energy density to produce the best performance of up to 280 Wh/kg
  • Stacking accuracy of ±0.1mm for a long cycle lifespan as well as full quality control and complete traceability for high safety and a long lifespan
  • High-precision manufacturing equipment and outstandingly high-quality production processes in dry and clean rooms
  • Series production of small and medium-sized batches ranging in size from 10,000 to 1.2 million cells made in Germany with a long-term supply guarantee

CUSTOMCELLS® Tübingen benefits from the research and development findings of basic research projects and the expertise of its associate partners built up over the course of many years. CUSTOMCELLS® Tübingen GmbH is a wholly owned affiliate of CUSTOMCELLS® Itzehoe.


Lithium-ion batteries are a key technology for many areas of industry. Numerous energy-autonomous products are already differentiated today by the quality of the energy storage device, whereby the predominant performance advantage is due to the lithium-ion battery cell used. In addition to large-volume consumer products and increasingly important applications in electric vehicles, lithium-ion battery cells are increasingly being used by niche markets that are dependent on rapid development and adaptation cycles for their products - on the possibility of having cells developed and produced even in small quantities according to specific specifications and performance parameters.

The project represents an important next step for the establishment of a German and European battery cell industry by taking up research and development results from basic projects and bringing them closer to an entrepreneurial application. By focusing on small and medium-sized production volumes, it ideally links up with existing projects to establish large-scale production of lithium-ion battery cells in Germany and Europe. In addition, know-how will be generated and jobs created.