Strong Group

Development and production from a single source


Who we are – and what we do

CUSTOMCELLS® is one of the world’s leading companies in the development of special lithium-ion battery cells. The group currently has two independent company sites in Itzehoe (Schleswig-Holstein – Germany) and in Tübingen (Baden-Württemberg). CUSTOMCELLS® develops and produces battery cells for specific applications, from the prototype to small and medium-sized batches. The CUSTOMCELLS® group of companies supplies quality ‘made in Germany’ for this purpose.

‘The successful development and production of high-performance batteries is a key factor for Germany in terms of competition and location.’

Torge Thönnessen, CEO of CUSTOMCELLS®

Hived off from the Fraunhofer Institute in 2012, CUSTOMCELLS® now employs around 100 highly qualified experts with long-standing experience in the field of cell development and production. Extensive process-based knowledge and an in-depth understanding of electrochemistry enables CUSTOMCELLS® to realise projects within a short time frame and work with individual cell properties.

A strong partner to leading manufacturers

CUSTOMCELLS® develops and manufactures products for a wide range of sectors – with a focus on the automotive, marine and oil and gas industries and electric aviation in the future. There have been more than 600 satisfied customers as part of more than 1,400 projects. CUSTOMCELLS® has planned and started up four battery cell factories to order and maintains numerous partnerships with leading research and development facilities and university laboratories.

Cellforce – a joint venture with Porsche

CUSTOMCELLS® develops products for leading manufacturers in the automotive industry as part of the ‘electric mobility of the future’ concept. Together with Porsche, CUSTOMCELLS® is involved in a joint venture – the Cellforce Group – committed to the development of high-performance batteries for the automotive sector. Porsche selected CUSTOMCELLS® following a global screening process. 

CUSTOMCELLS® provides comprehensive consulting services and a range of other services in the field of cell development and production. CUSTOMCELLS® is on hand to assist its customers with all matters relating to technical consulting and the prototyping of electrodes, cells and energy storage systems. It provides support with the technology ramp-up from the laboratory to the production standard and manufactures small and medium-sized batches in line with customer specifications.

10 good reasons for working with CUSTOMCELLS®

  • Individual cell form and chemistry
  • State-of-the-art systems and processes
  • Development and series production (CUSTOMCELLS® Itzehoe and CUSTOMCELLS® Tübingen) expertise
  • Services and consulting
  • Knowledge and experience
  • High quality
  • Individual electrolytes
  • Everything from one hand, from the chemistry to the finished cell
  • Optimised gravimetric and volumetric energy density to produce the best performance of up to 280 Wh/kg
  • Quality control and traceability