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CUSTOMCELLS® Tübingen – cell chemistry for all kinds of uses

State-of-the-art material selection process

CUSTOMCELLS® Tübingen operates one of Europe’s most modern cell production lines. We offer series production of lithium-ion pouch cells at the highest technological level, using state-of-the-art electrode materials. We are completely flexible in terms of the choice of materials and are able to cater to customer requirements. Our Itzehoe facilities can develop materials and coat electrodes as well as draw on a broad supplier network.

High flexibility

CUSTOMCELLS® Tübingen uses equipment that affords a great deal of flexibility in the precision manufacturing process. Together with outstandingly high-quality production processes in dry and clean rooms, all production processes can be quickly optimised to reflect new technology trends, including working with prelithiated silicon anode materials or high-nickel cathode materials. This applies to the material/machine side as well as the processing side. 

high energy cells

CUSTOMCELLS® Tübingen is flexible when it comes to cell chemistry. The laser-based processes make it possible for CUSTOMCELLS® Tübingen to process various cell materials. Regardless of whether it involves high energy – as in the case of series test cells produced by CUSTOMCELLS® Tübingen – or high-power cells, just a few parameter modifications are necessary in order to process new materials.